Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight

Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight

You're reaching for a high-cal food option when you aren't even hungry--What should you do? Why do you do it, anyway?

The hypothalamus (the part of the brain most commonly known for signaling hunger and satiation, tends to send out a "hungry-call" in response to emotions and most situations that have absolutely nothing to do with appetite. Here, I'll teach you what your body is telling you so you know not to over-eat and fight those non-hunger cravings.

When you don't get enough sleep, you aren't getting the vital rest (actually considered energy) for your body. In response, your body ends up craving sugar and carbs for instant energy. When you're feeling tired in the morning, don't run for that muffin, instead, give yourself a nice stretch for twenty minutes. Maybe do some yoga, pilates, jump rope? Anything to keep your body energized.

working Out
When you're exercising, you're losing protein, which is why protein is always important for basic bodily functions. Instead of chowing down on tons of food, drink some low-fat milk. With only about 120-calories, compare that to the mega-meal you would've consumed, negating all of that hard work at the gym. It has about 12 grams of protein which is enough to get you through up until dinner.

Boredom TT_____TT
Food tends to cure boredom for a lot of people. It also tends to help people feel guilty when they eat whilst satiated. Try talking on the phone, going outside for a bit, doing anything productive until you're actually hungry, not thirsty.

Fun Fact: Did you know? A craving usually only lasts about 15 minutes, that time can be spent talking on the phone. Maybe you should be dialing that mother of yours? Go ahead!

Stay Fit, people!

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  1. I definately experience what you describe under exhaustion so an interesting post for me to read. I hadn't really considered it as a factor in this kind of stuff.